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disseminate your information on any type of screen and manage it from any device

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How it works

As easy as select content what do you want to communicate and Choose on which device you will publish it.

Cell phone

Right from the start

And in 3 simple steps You can have all your digital content impacting your customers and / or employees.

1 Register your devices

2 Upload and program the content

3 Distribute the contents on your devices


Find the best way to impact your target audience, and add to your business communication

Digital turn

Business Worker management Health sectorFinancial

Reduce the time of attention in rows optimizing the process of attention of your customers and employees by combining shifts and digital billboards

Digital posters

All sectors

Automate the internal information process for all your employees through the digital billboard, presenting the relevant contents of your organization immediately

Advertising screens

Attention pointsHigh customer trafficEmployees

Monetize your information service, through our platform for digital billboards, manage your content and that of your allies generating a new source of income


Sale of mobile devices

Reduce costs in advertising and point-of-sale space, using the screens of cellular devices as a means of interaction. Update the information you want to display from our platform in real time

Totally in the cloud no need to install

Set-up in less than 1 minute

Content publication and update in just 2 clicks

Your own corporate channelwithout the need of any third party


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Success stories

Thanks to our platform, the communication of our clients has improved through digital content, becoming an efficient and effective process.

Burger king Colombia


They had a digital signage system (digital menus) that did not allow them to control their contents


With our solution they have control of all completely segmented screens, managing their content in real time or under programming, as they require it at the moment



Because of the large number of customers that the store has, it was sometimes complicated and it took more time than normal to make a simple purchase or diligence inside the warehouse, in addition to wasting all the information that these customers could throw to improve the processes through of your points.


It is an OMNICHANNEL system, so that customers live a fast and efficient shopping experience, through different screens and interactive kiosks, allowing waiting times to decrease and the customer to enjoy the entire store generating more purchase.

Country Club


The information was disseminated through light boxes and traditional billboards, which should be updated once a month also assuming the cost of printing each piece


With our platform, they handle all digital content through advertising screens. They also schedule content so that in just two clicks they ensure that it will be published on the indicated time and date



In the points of sale of mobile devices, they had to print advertising pieces that occupied a lot of space and represented high costs, in addition to being inefficient at the time of updating the information


With Arkbox Retail, advertising content and technical features are on the cell phone screen. It also allows them to manage information in real time and segmented by regions, sales area or as they require.


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Find the solution tailored for your business. Know the value of your investment according to the number of screens you will use

    How many screens will you use?

    Indicate the number of screens you will use regardless of operating system or size, each device requires a license

    Indicate how many devices you will use:


    Do you need screens?

    Select the number of screens you need according to the size that best suits your needs. * All screens are LG with webOS that have arxbox embedded so you can instantly enjoy all the solutions

    LG32SM5KD 32"

    LG43SM5KD 43"

    LG49SM5KD 49"

    LG55SM5KD 55"

    LG65SM5KD 65"

    Do you already have screens?

    Select from these features with which your screen has, you can select several options.

    USB InputWebOs tecnologyHDMI InputWifi conectionAndroid tecnologyBluetooth conection

    Do you have other features? which are:


    Where do we send it?

    Tell us where we send you your quote data

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    Access now, create and schedule free content for 15 days

    *In case you don't have a suitable device, you can make a request and we will lend you one as soon as possible


    If you have any questions or want additional information, write us


    What internet do I need to use Arkbox?

    With an internet of 2 megabytes you can use the application, you must take into account the number of devices connected to the network since this can generate errors in the network in general. The less you have, the longer it will take to upload your content.

    "What is embedded software?"

    "Embedded software is when it comes as a feature of the industrial screen, remember that we are certified by LG Korea as developers for the software on their screens.

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